The new one miss Universe edition 2023, R’Bonney Gabriel has revealed in an interview how she felt after being accused by millions of people of committing fraud, after obtaining the crown as the new sovereign of world beauty.

The 71st edition of the most important beauty pageant in the world, Miss Universe, took place last January 14, where approximately 90 candidates competed for the title of greatest sovereign in the world. When announcing the three finalists they faced each other for the crown Miss Venezuela, Miss Dominican Republic Y Miss United States.

The jury, after deliberating the highest scores of the candidates, made the decision to crown the new Miss R’Bonney Gabrieland Amanda Dudamel as second runner-up, but just minutes after announcing the election, followers of the contest branded the contest as a complete fraud, since favoritism was always with Miss Venezuela.

However, the new representative of the contest gave the first statements of how she felt to see that millions of people around the world accused her of having cheated the contest to obtain victory.

One of the questions that the reporter asked her is how she feels after being accused of fraud twice, remembering that in the contest where she was chosen as Miss USA I also face judgments against him: «What explanations do you have against the two accusations of fraud that you have had, in Miss USA and in Miss Universe?«.

The candidate, demonstrating confidence, admitted that the pertinent investigation is being carried out to demonstrate that with Miss USA no fraud was generated, but when once again being criticized with miss Universeasserted that rumors will always arise whatever the news:»Despite the rumors, I want to show the world that I am honest.«.