Today, February 14, R’Bonney Gabrielthe actual miss Universe, celebrated his first month of reign with a very elegant photo session and a message of love and gratitude on Instagram. Although she also received many negative comments questioning his victory, but most of his fans showed their support and admiration for him.

The miss Universe He published a series of photos in which he looks very well dressed and made up, with a blouse and a decoration of flowers in his hair, along with his message, in which he stressed that he is very grateful for his current life and that he is willing to grow and learn more every day, even in difficult times.

However, some users did not miss the opportunity to question their victory and compare it with other candidates.

Other negative comments focused on her physical appearance and her age. Despite this, many followers of r’bonney they praised her beauty, her strength and her charisma, and encouraged her to continue her reign.

In the midst of this controversy, R’Bonney Gabriel He demonstrated his professionalism and positive attitude, reminding his followers of the importance of love and respect. Her Valentine’s message and her inspirational photo shoot have been widely discussed on social media and have sparked a huge debate about the true essence of the Miss Universe pageant.