The new one miss Universe, R’Bonney Gabriel has crowned as her replacement the new Miss USA, Miss morgan roman. In several photos published on the web you can see how the great moment was.

The coronation of Miss USA in the most prestigious beauty contest in the world left a bitter end for many of the spectators, as Miss USA was chosen, while the majority of the followers of the contest bet as the new Miss to Amanda Dudamel.

The contest and the model R’Bonney Gabriel They were accused of committing fraud in the election of the candidate, however, when it was thought that the controversy had calmed down, a new criticism arose in the development of the contest.

miss Universe she had to renounce her obligations as a young lady USA, Due to the fact that he could not fully fulfill the two obligations that he currently had, he gave his crown to the participant who obtained the second best score.

The day January 27th the represent North Carolina, Morgan Romano, was crowned at an event held at the Gogue Performing Artsand she will now be in charge of fulfilling the tasks of Miss USA.

Although she is already crowned as the new Miss United States, she will not be considered for the next beauty pageant and will only dedicate herself to fulfilling the obligations imposed on her.