The actual miss Universe, R’Bonney Gabriel, has been the center of attention during his tour of Asia, in which he has starred in controversial situations. The last one has been his outfit when leaving Indonesia to go to Bali, where he has attracted attention on social networks.

Gabriel posted some photos on his personal Facebook profile and in the photos he could be seen in a tight black dress with mesh parts and high heels, he also wore huge dark glasses. Although the miss Universe joked about her look at the airport, the photo was deleted shortly after it was posted.

The reason why she had to delete the photos was because her work team told her that she had to appear in casual clothes, something that she undoubtedly did not comply with and because she did not follow the rules, she was forced to delete said publication.

Despite this, the beauty queen has shared in the Instagram stories of the contest her excitement about visiting Bali, a place that she has already visited in the past and that brings back good memories. Furthermore, Gabriel has been fondly farewelled by the local Indonesian public, despite the criticism she has received for her first official engagement as Miss Universe.

In Bali, the Miss and the other Miss Universe finalists have been received with necklaces and bouquets of flowers by local fans and Gabriel has shared on social networks what his dinner and toast for this tour has been like.

Despite the controversy generated by his outfit at the Indonesian airport, R’Bonney Gabriel He has shown his sympathy and charisma in his time in Asia, earning the affection of the public in the few places he has visited.