The new one miss Universe, r’bonney Gabrielhas been in trend and it is not for good news, since the Queen has been heavily criticized from the very moment she was crowned as the new Miss Universe 2022.

Everything seems to indicate that R’Bonney Gabriel could not carry the weight of being the winner of the most important beauty pageant in the world and Miss USA at the same time, apart from that, criticism on social networks has played a role very important given the decisions she has been making for her career as a beauty queen.

For such reasons, r’bonney G.abriel had to make a strong decision in her career, this so that she would not feel overwhelmed by so much work and so that she can take care of her mental and physical health.

The organization gave her a choice between two options, of which she had to choose one, the options were to continue carrying and representing both crowns simultaneously or to give up one of them, to which R’Bonney decided to give up being the representative of the United States and proudly represent the new crown of Miss Universe 2022, this to prevent aggravating their physical and mental health problems. Something that is known is that now the United States had to choose her representative, for this reason Morgan Romano will be consecrated as the new Miss USA.

Faced with this situation, we can appreciate the great impact that social networks have on people. Very positive things can come out thanks to Internet users, but as on this occasion, they could also lead to a problem in a very short term.

Do you think the decision made by the new Miss Universe was the best for her career?