R’Bonney Gabriel Nola, the new one miss Universe and representative of the USA, He has had several days where his name is a trending topic, thanks to his disputed victory in the universal beauty pageant However, there is something about her that has also attracted a lot of attention, and it is how different the beauty queen looks without makeup.

R’Bonney, 28 years old, is the miss Universe oldest in the history of the world-renowned beauty pageant. She is a woman of Filipino descent and works as a fashion designer.

If I win both Miss USA how in Miss Universe, have been subject to accusations of fraud. But even so, the Texan has shown that she is quite a prepared and beautiful woman.

In recent hours, various photographs of the beauty queen without makeup have been shown. But what has surprised more than one, and according to the opinions of thousands of people, they consider that Gabriel she looks so much more beautiful when she doesn’t wear makeup.

The photos have quickly gone viral on social networks, thanks to the angelic face that the American has when she is shown natural and without a single drop of makeup.

And you, do you like how the Miss Universe 2022 without makeup?