r’bonney Gabriel, Miss Universe 2022 of the USA, She is not performing some of the functions she should perform as the current sovereign of universal beauty either. Therefore, one of the contestants in the contest, she was her substitute in an important event for the next edition of the beauty contest.

In social media, The fact that the new Miss Universe is not exercising her duties as a beauty queen at the moment has been discussed, since one of the finalists of the contest is who recently appeared at an important event.

Andreina Martinez, representative of Dominican Republic and second runner-up of Miss Universe 2022, met with the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, on the occasion of the preparations that said country will be making to host the next edition of the contest, whose date will be in December of this year.

However, the one who really had to attend this meeting, would have to have been r’bonney Gabriel, the winner of the contest and who yesterday was crowning the new Miss USA, since she has had to resign to focus on her work as Miss Universe.

But as we have seen, she has not been complying with these either, and her absence at the meeting in El Salvador has taken many fans of the contest by surprise, who do not agree with the model’s victory and fashion designer 28 years old.

In social networks, a large part of the public criticized the Miss Universe organization due to the mismanagement that it is carrying with its queens, who must find ways to gain prominence to leave a great mark at the time of their reigns as universal queens.