R’Bonney Gabriel, Miss Universe 2022 of the USA, She is not enjoying her reign as the supreme sovereign of universal beauty in a very good way. And it is that since she was crowned on January 14, her victory has been widely criticized and questioned by numerous media, which have made her success as a beauty queen not what was expected by the Miss Universe organization. .

Since R’Bonney was chosen as the new Miss Universe, the networks social they predicted that his reign was not going to be well received for the formal business of the organization. The accusations of fraud, the peak followers and their poor performance are significantly influencing their pace.

And it is that now, as has been observed, the 28-year-old beauty queen fails to get the sponsors that the other chosen queens commonly have. Until now, she has only been the image of an energy drink from Indonesia, but for the rest, no other company has been interested in it.

And so it has happened in the same way on his tour of Asia. Apart from Indonesia, the fashion designer visited Thailand, Vietnam and the last stop will be Philippines. But to the surprise of many, the public has not received the new queen in a good way.

Even in Thailand they played a joke by placing a trans boy with the gang of Miss Venezuela, who in the most recent edition was grabbed by the arms with Miss USA, and who according to many should have been the winner.

Adding to this, Miss Universe has also been losing followers in their social networks, something contrary to what the previous sovereigns of beauty experienced.

And you, what do you think of the low influx generated by the Miss Universe 2022?