R’Bonney Gabriel Nola, the new one Miss Universe 2022 of the USA, has announced that she has renounced her crown as beauty queen of her country, since she will not be able to fulfill the obligations and responsibilities that came with being Miss USA, because of her new responsibilities as Miss Universe.

In the midst of the harsh criticism and accusations of fraud that her coronation has suffered as the new sovereign of the universal beauty, R’Bonney Gabriel has resigned from her duties as Miss USA 2022, to fulfill her duties as the new Miss Universe to the letter.

The 28-year-old will now crown a new national queen, who will be Morgan Romano, a 25-year-old model who represented the state of North Carolina and that he was the first runner-up in the national contest where Gabriel also controversially won. But now she will take charge of replacing the model of Filipino origin in upcoming activities as Miss USA.

The producer RPM, one of the producers in charge of the Miss USA preliminaries, announced that R’Bonney will crown Morgan Romano as the new sovereign of North American beauty tomorrow.

When R’Bonney won Miss USA 2022, several of her colleagues filed a formal complaint accusing her victory of fraud, so her work as Miss Universo also continue to be highly questioned and receive numerous criticisms from the international public.

A large part of the spectators and other beauty pageant experts affirm that Amanda Dudamel Newman, representative of Venezuela, must have been the real one miss Universe of the most recent edition. However, the victory of USES It surprised everyone and left a wide debate on social networks.

And you, what do you think of the decision that R’Bonney Gabriel has made about his resignation to be Miss USA?