R’Bonney Gabriel, Miss Universe 2022 of the USA, has renounced his title Miss USA, impressing all beauty pageant fans, as her victory in the national pageant was also peppered with various fraud accusations. What reasons has the 28-year-old had for giving up her crown?

Through their social media, the producer RPM, one of the companies in charge of Miss USA, has announced that R’Bonney Gabriel has declined her title as the beauty queen of the United States.

In addition, they have revealed that this January 27 the new universal beauty queen will be present at the Gogue Performing Arts Center in Auburn, Alabama, to crown as the new queen of the United States the beauty queen who ranked second in the last national competition where she controversially won.

morgan roman 25 years of age and representative of North Carolina in it Miss USA 2022, is who will take charge of replacing Miss Universe in upcoming activities as Miss USA.

The organization has warned that the new queen “will not compete in Miss Universe” and that Morgan will only do Miss USA 2022 work. However, there is a possibility that the organization will make an exception and make her the next American candidate for the next one. edition of Miss Universe, to be held in The Savior.

The resignation of r’bonney to his duties as Miss USA, is clouded by accusations of fraud in her victory both in the national contest and in the international contest, where a large part of the public affirmed that the representative who really should have won was Amanda Dudamel, who represented Venezuela and was the top favorite in the most recent edition of the beauty pageant.

And you, what do you think of the decision that R’Bonney Gabriel has made?