R’Bonney Gabriel, Miss USA and the new Miss Universe 2022, He left some controversial statements that have set off alarm bells in the media, since the beauty queen stated that she is having a problem with the Miss Universe Organization, since she does not want to leave her profession aside, but her responsibilities as the new sovereign of beauty prevent her from doing so in a notorious way.

When a beauty queen of a certain country is elected Miss Universe, before her will come a series of responsibilities that must be fulfilled effectively. Otherwise, the organization could choose to fire her and thereby strip her of her official title.

And this is precisely what you would be facing R’Bonney, that in a recent interview in a podcast, she confessed that she is going through a problem with the organization, since she wants to continue practicing her profession and not only fulfill her obligations as Miss Universe.

The 28-year-old beauty queen expressed her wish that she could move her sewing workshop to her new apartment in the city of NY, place where each of the winners of the miss Universe They make their home for at least a year.

the too american model She has not been able to reach an agreement with her new bosses, but she still maintains her position of wanting to continue practicing her profession at any cost.

the victory of R’Bonney Gabriel like the new Miss Universe 2022, It was involved in a lot of controversy, since various media outlets claimed that his triumph was based on some internal dealings with the old and new owners of the Miss Universe organization, led by the transgender tycoon Anne Jakrajutatip.

And you, what do you think is the outcome of this problem that affects the new Miss Universe?