R’Bonney Gabriel, Miss Universe 2022 and representative of USES, She has had to endure the very bitter drink that the public is giving to her first official activities as the new sovereign of universal beauty, which have not ended and have already been considered a resounding “failure.”

The start of R’Bonney Gabriel’s journey as the new miss Universe has started in a very bad way, since his arrival at the offices of JKN Global Group in Bangkok, Thailand, They have been a complete failure.

The company, whose owner is the tycoon Anne Jakrajutatip, He expected a massive welcome for the 28-year-old fashion designer. However, it has been the opposite.

The media claim that this disappointing welcome for Gabrielonly proof that a large part of the public does not approve of his controversial victory, which did not escape numerous accusations of fraud.

Meanwhile, the Miss Universe organization faces another serious problem, and that is that up to now no brand has requested r’bonney to attend or record commercials, something that is essential to the healthy life of a beauty pageant.

Another determining factor is the lack of interest that in recent years has generated the contest, which has been quite affected by the decisions that their own bosses have made regarding the choice of their winners and other aspects that have not been fully liked by the public.