Harnaaz Sandhu, Miss Universe 2021 of the India, has caused a furor on social networks with its most recent photographs a month after handing over the crown to R’Bonney Gabriel of USA. In the images, everyone was shocked to see the queen thin again.

The reign of Harnaaz Sandhu how miss Universe it was full of controversy. Just a month after her victory, a drastic weight gain began to be seen on her.

This situation earned her a great series of criticisms that, according to her own words, came to massively affect her mental health and with it the ability to face all the commitments she had as the sovereign of the beauty.

During each of his appearances, Harnaaz He had to face all the hateful comments they made towards his body, which also aroused a great debate regarding the right that people have to speak about the bodies of others.

The Indian beauty queen handed over the crown on January 14. And from there, what many of us did not know was that a new transformation process was going to begin in her, the same thing that today has been revealed and has already left millions of people shocked. fans worldwide.

Harnaaz published a series of Photographs where she looks thin again, something that impressed all her followers since in the past month the considerable weight gain that she gained during her reign was still seen as Miss Universe.

The truth of the matter is that Harnaaz Sandhu She never deserved to be mocked for what happened to her physique, there are several ways to gain weight without having to eat more.

And although those comments massively affected her emotional stability, she is now showing us right now that she is still worth a lot and that her legacy as a beauty queen it will remain intact.