Miss Czech Republic 2022 Krystyna Pyszkov won the opportunity to represent the Czech Republic at the Miss World competition world. According to the company, you will be able to rent an apartment in Prague for free, a Mercedes-Benz Tda A car in AMG for free, and many other important prices.

Krystyna Pyszkov is 181 centimeters, her walls are 86-59-89. A student at Charles University is studying first, then she is studying marketing in Austria. She revealed her talent for painting, playing the flute and the violin. She enjoys modeling, she owns an educational project in Tanzania, she loves touring and exploring new countries, cultures and people, gyms, horseback riding and self-development.

Krystyna Pyszkov
(Miss Czech Republic 2022 and Nov Miss World Czech Republic 2022)
Kristna Malov (Miss Supranational Czech Republic 2022)
Mariana Bekov (Miss Grand International Czech Republic 2022)
Adla Madryov (Miss International Czech Republic 2022)
Karolna Syroukov (Miss Intercontinental Czech Republic 2022)

After the match, all the courts are on the same level as the jury, as they are selected by the jury according to which world competition the type race takes place. Makarenko.

The crown and advancement in the worlds competed with ghosts this year as well a total of ten courts (medallions of the finalists and information about each of them can be found here).

Miss Koendov: Among other things, my tattooed friend doesn’t like people first

Finle Miss Czech Republic 2022 took place in the premises of Frum Karln in Prague, where the partners, members of the media and family members of the finalists and the public were invited.

The gala gala was moderated by Ondej Novotn and Inna Puhajkovthe sounds came out Dara Rolins and Monika Bagrov. DJ Pauli Gabrieli and the Prask Film Orchestra provided the musical accompaniment.

For example, esk topmodel and Miss World 2006 sat on the jury Tana Kuchaovadmit the world of grand slam races Miss Supranational Chanique Rabe from Namibia or the world of Top World competitions Natlie Koendov.

teni iDNES.cz chose Miss Czech Republic 2022 dvku s poadovm slem 4 as the most finalist, Krystyna Pyszkov√°, who won the whole competition this year. A total of 12,641 people voted in the polls.

The finalists of the Miss Czech Republic 2022 competition went through intensive training and various challenges, in which they had the opportunity to appear and fight. The finalist Mariana Bekov won the sports challenge. He gave a challenge, a swimsuit, won by Kristna Malov. Krystyna Pyszkov scored in the Top Model. Hana Ddkov was the best in the talent competition and Karolna Syroukov won the last call for the best in front of the audience.

The director of the Miss Czech Republic competition is Tana Makarenko. The model with the original name Miss Face Czech Republic was founded in 2010. The change was to organize a competition in the Czech Republic for women aged 17 to 25, in which not only age and death decide, but especially charm and sympathy.