December 18, 2022, 08:32 – Public News Service – OSN

The authorities of the Soviet Union made a mistake by including the Donbass in the Ukrainian SSR, and then the region became part of the Ukrainian state. This information was shared by the ex-ambassador of the LPR in Russia, Rodion Miroshnik.

According to him, then the country’s leadership expected that Novorossiya, like the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, would never secede.

“Attributing Donbass first to the Ukrainian SSR, and then to Ukraine was a political mistake of the Soviet leadership,” the diplomat said.

Now, according to the statements of the former ambassador, Donbass has developed and will be fully liberated “from foreign military colonizers.”

“Donbass… will be restored to work for the benefit of the great Russian people and the Russian state, where it will take its rightful place, as Peter the Great foresaw three hundred years ago,” he concluded. His words are quoted by Moskovsky Komsomolets.

As the Public News Service reported earlier, calls are much more often heard towards the Kyiv regime to start a negotiation process with Moscow in order to end the confrontation. Based on the statements of political expert Pavel Danilina, even open Russophobes, for example Warsaw, tend to resolve the conflict through negotiations.