A week ago, with the Cagliari, the French ertk did not get annoyed: as a surrogate, he became entangled in a mill by the benches, and the soup fell to the ground in a hurry and drew a red card.

The verdict of the discipline will be darkened, but if the ninety-year-old Mazk gets a stop sign, he will end his season and especially his long career.

Franck Ribry from Salernitana tries to stop the soup.

Cel Ribry! Both uncontrollable rap, but at the same time hearts and football romantic, who loves his time in any form. He could say goodbye last year, but he just wanted to try one big challenge.

completely different, not as he used to.

At the day of the title, he won in Galatasaray, Marseille and Bayern Munich. Not even the relaxed rhythm of life in Krishna Florence. Like the southern Italian wilderness!

9 points

it was missing to drive to the Salernitan mscem

Since summer, Ribry has been one of the main characters in the dramatic story of Salernitan, a newcomer to the Italian league.

He returned to Serie A after twenty years, and fans were afraid that this time he would have survived the last attempt: at that time, the club with the Moscow horse in the emblem packed for only one season. Suffered, distracted, suffering from financial problems.

It wasn’t long before this comeback ended up going two.

Two laps before the end it’s for a change looks like a sensan happy end.

These are twists, aren’t they?

New Year’s Eve

He did not succeed in arrests, after those rounds Salernitan did not have a point. The hastily blinded team, which, in addition to Ribry in lt, sent another twenty (!) Games, did not work at all. In the middle of the dungeon, the potent changed trenr: during twenty-five laps, he only peeked out of the city’s descents once.

But that’s a bit of a pedbhme, because to get in the first place, the pedtm was about to turn away. Shortly before Christmas, at a time when Salernitan was fighting at the bottom with eight points out of eighteen from the time she was attacked by a calamity from Udine, a sharp message from the union led to Salerno: Either you will find a new owner by New Year’s Eve or krtme!

Pasquale Mazzocchi of Salernitana in Serie A’s pass against Cagliari.

The association’s team said something because, in addition to failing to do so, Salernitan thus violated a basic rule: two darknesses in the league must not have the same owner. Claudio Lotito somehow forgot about this condition, in addition to the novelty, he also owned Lazio m.

What about the dark? Finding a new boss so quickly seemed impossible as a mission, but it succeeded: while New Year’s Eve was celebrating around, Salernitan was rescued by a businessman and private university operator Danilo Iervolino just before 31 December. Even so, someone would bet on the rescue, the ride in the middle of April darkened to the non-descent of the city nine points.

Then, under the leadership of David Nicola’s coach, he started a big tk.

Trenr, cyclist, rescue

During the first seven passes on the bench, he only scored three points, then suddenly something broke. In the last month, Salernitana won three matches and two draws and for the second time in the season she raised her head above the surface.

Hec Ribry, who was considering breaking the contract in the winter, suddenly says in his conversations: We can do it! We can do it!

Even without his name in the line-up, Salernitan can be sure of tomorrow if he defeats Empoli in the last round and records the results of the opponent. Then I jump one point to the eighteenth descent position.

Davide Nicola – kou Salernitany.

Fans celebrate Coach Nicola, who seduced a similar bit five years ago with Crotone. At that time, he erased the eight-point loss thanks to six wins and two draws in a twelve nine rounds, and rd completed a crazy stunt: from another cpu, Itlie was cycling for a thousand kilometers and to his native Turna!

The main act of this is a credible rescue mission that I will remember for a long time.

Similarly, the Portuguese Tondela escaped the descent in 2016. The race lost 11 points in the run, but in the last seven laps they played seventeen of them and escaped.

Probably the most impressive scene was written by English Leicester seven years ago: 140 days came on the bottom of the table, but in the upheaval it took an unexpected time a year later to celebrate the title.

Don’t expect that from Salernitana.

But big tk? She could catch up.