On May 8, personal mini-parades were held in Ryazhsk for Alexander Pavlovich Bugorkov, a participant in the Great Patriotic War, and Ivan Denisovich Rybakov, a former juvenile prisoner of Nazi concentration camps.

The head of the administration of the Ryazhsky district Andrey Nasonov, the deputy head of the administration Marina Vyshegorodtseva congratulated the veterans on the Victory Day, wished them health, longevity, peaceful sky above their heads.

Members of the Yunarmiya of secondary school No. 4 marched in front of them, and the vocal group of the folk choir of the district House of Culture (leader Nadezhda Shipilova) sang famous military songs.

The first parade near the house and congratulations was received by the 98-year-old Alexander Pavlovich Bugorkov.

In October 1941, Alexander Pavlovich was called to the front. From the training unit near Tula, they were sent to Belarus, where he took medical instructor courses. More than once had to carry the wounded from the battlefield. Under enemy shelling, the wounded were taken to the hospital, and together with military doctors they operated in the field. From Belarus, part of them was transferred to the Kursk Bulge, but on the way near Voronezh the train in which Alexander Pavlovich was traveling was bombed. He woke up with a severe head wound in the hospital, where he spent eight months. In 1944 he was commissioned, returned to his native village of Saltyki. He has many awards, including the Order of the Red Star.

Then congratulated Ivan Denisovich Rybakov former juvenile prisoner of fascist concentration camps. In 1943, he was forcibly taken first to Belarus, and then to Austria, where he was used for forced labor.

Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from the Ryazan region Dmitry Khubezov wished Ivan Denisovich good health, happiness, long life.

“We are proud of you, for us you are a symbol of resilience and courage,” said Dmitry Anatolyevich.