Miloslav athletes took first place in the Ranovskoye Summer 2022 festival

July 30, on the banks of the Ranov River, near the village of Dobraya Volya in the Ryazhsky district, the festival of festivals “Ranovskoye summer-2022” was held. Miloslavsky district participated in six festival venues.

The employees of the regional House of Culture prepared their rural farmstead for the Ranovskaya Fair. They told the guests what was interesting about the area and treated them to original dishes and drinks.

On the poetic platform “Where I love and jealous of you, the land of chamomile and aspic …” the poet Mikhail Aleinikov read his poem. The Ukhazhor team from the P.P. Semenova-Tyan-Shansky showed her skill in cooking fish soup in the competition “Best fish soup”.

Ekaterina Aleinikova performed a song at the festival concert. In the competition “Ranovsky valiant fun” athletes from the Miloslavsky district showed strength and dexterity and eventually took first place. Representatives of the district marched in the Ranovsky parade, carried their flag and the name of the municipality.


Valentina Kosholkina, a resident of the village of Bolshoye Podovche:

“The day was not in vain. The holiday was a success, cheered up. Beautiful, spacious, fun. It was interesting to get acquainted with the history and traditions of the Ryazan land. Whoever wanted to bathe in the river, after which the festival is named. I wish there were more events like this. See you at Ranovsky Summer!

Danila Konov, resident of Miloslavsky:

“The sports team of the Miloslavsky district made a splash at the holiday. Everyone carefully prepared for this event, were determined to win, and as a result, we won it. We thank our captain Alexei Yeroshin for mentorship and the fans for their support.”