In the last five years, when he is obliged to publish contracts in the register, according to the Ministry of Finance DNES, Brno transport studies have failed to materialize, at least 21 million crowns.

A typical example is the first tefnikova. The master paid the company Projekt 2010 3.8 million crowns for the work done, the current management of Brno terminated the contract in 2019.

We received a lot of criticism from the city and the population. It was probably due to the management at the time, and Petr Kratochvl (ODS), the transport councilor at the then Brno-based body, Matje Hollan, is now showing the person in charge of transport.

However, it is clear that the original project was ready for all modes of transport, including cyclists, but the ODS has decided that the street will be just a car dealership, comments Hollan, who withdrew from the original order.

Kratochvl immediately launched a new study of what the Tefnik should look like. This is done and you move on to the next phase. The processing of the investment agreement has recently started, informs Anna Dudkov from the press department of the Brno City Hall. According to Kratochvl, it is agreed that this right should be easily approved and no complications should occur. Ble did not fully specify the bag and did not state the expected thermal repairs.

Work project stuck

Opan chose the procedure Richard Mrzek (two YES), who in the previous election term held the post of councilor for transport with Hollan and announced several times what will ever be built. Only his words didn’t meet reality.

For example, the residents were supposed to prove the right front area, including the triangle, where the trolleybuses stop, and thus the Beneova street. The bag never landed. The project work began in 2017, ie during Mrzkov’s tenure under the leadership of Brno, collided because the city was unable to commission the construction so as to obtain the necessary earth decision, against which the complaint was appealed.

Clearly unrelated to the quality of the documentation, which was due to reasons related to the land-based relationship to the land affected by the construction, stands in the agreement of 2020, Brno and PK Ossendorf again terminated the cooperation.

The processing would be so widespread that the magistrate hit the limits of the law on public contracts. Even so, he had to pay the team 9.5 million crowns for her work, which is practically to him today.

I don’t see the mistake of pesto on my side. Badly always on the investor, in this case the city, how to deal with individual entities. I don’t even know if they acted or not. But I would definitely act and try to reach agreements, he said.

Msto starch studi nov

Kratochvl announced the study, which he drank with the operation in Veve Street. According to the Grohov’s tram, according to the coalition, a coalition should have created a sign where only public transport, not cars, could pass.Today, there is a new surface, tracks and tracks, but it has remained in the same form.

We had to do it quickly because of the tram to Abovesk, Kratochvl explains and called this st Veve a repair, but the master is preparing to prepare a completely new study, according to which the street could be fully completed in 2025 and 2026. These things are also there, and if Mr. Kratochvl had another opinion, then he simply went in another direction. It is always about the priorities of the existing political establishment, to Mrzek, only currently sitting in opposition.

According to Hollan, who is not an active politician today, it is a shame that Brno did not continue in the original situation. Not the street where the people would go. At the same time, all the experience from abroad knows that it will not work if there is no time to get there, he warns. Brno paid 7.6 million crowns to PK Ossendorf for the original project with an unsatisfactory road crossing, as described by Dudkov from the press department of the magistrate, and terminated the contract.

In 2017, studies were also carried out on the reconstruction of Vdesk Street and the frequented Vdesk kiovatky with Pom, kad for pl million. Today we are afraid. The magistrate assures that they will work with them, the city continued to give the bag a new study on repairs to other streets, for example Pekask according to the University Hospital at St. Anne’s.

The study is approved here, similar to Tefnik’s. The designer is together, informs Kratochvl, noting that the appearance of the right Veve from Konenho nmst to Sono Centrum is also approved. This section also went through a coalition of studies for 680 thousand, the current leadership of Brno followed up with another two for about 400 thousand.