King Antonn Prochzka
Translation Alexander Jerie
Scna Renata Tefkov
Costumes Lenka Polkov
Production Harlekn Agency
Persons and busy
Jean Pierre, former manel Petr Nron
Sverine, former wife Veronika Freimanov
Clia, young secretary Zuzana kov / Anna Kotlkov
Guillaume, son of Severin Robert Hjek / Martin Zahlka Jr.
Patrice, CFO Vs. Antonn Prochzka / Vasil Fridrich
Lebovsky, writer Vs. Vasil Fridrich / Antonn Prochzka
Victoria, former mistress of Jean Pierre Lucie Zednkov / tpnka Kesanov

Like a million, he failed. Will he succeed as a homeless man?
French comedy
His husband Jean Pierre left Sverina twenty years ago. She has founded her own publishing house, which thrives on you. One day, this once worldly ex-manel appears in front of her two, but the arrogant and cynical businessman is not, but ruined without a roof over his head. Jean Pierre piel to apologize, and as an unemployed man he actually asked about work.
Sverine decides to give him a cud and offers him the place of gossip! Jean Pierre thus has to overcome his pride, put on his work uniform, take his cards and buckets and take the pony. Sverine with nm toti zachz jako s onuc. But Jean Pierre is not the type to give in so quickly …
Premira 22.09.2021 Lucie Bl
Length presented about 120 minutes with a babysitter

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