Popular businessman Richard Chlad is at home in Croatia. He even has a symbolic key from Primoten, which the mayor once gave him as a foreign tourist. And finally, it is the city where he met his most fateful love.

Every day, tens of thousands of fans had fun with photos from their vacations on the boat, but my photo with Anna was much faster than the others. The couple shared it in the same place as two years ago.

This restaurant is unbelievably romantic and our first photo together was taken there. I still remember how excited it was, describes Chlad for Expres.cz.

At that time, there was also a lot of criticism. Many couples prophesied the imminent collapse of your relationship due to the age difference, but after only two years, the opposite is true.

With us, it just sticks together, sticks together and sticks together on all sides. J u was an old pessimist, but this is pbh like from the erven library. It’s great with Anna, and above all, my children love her, both old and young, and so does my mom, smile, an entrepreneur who in two years also acquired his partner’s family would not have it easy.

Richard Chlad with his love Anna-Mari

Ann’s family loves me so much. Even the father, who resisted for about a year. When we finally got to know each other, Anna said in the finale that I was going to marry him, we laugh

Under these circumstances, the logical question arises as to how long What about Richard Chlad?

A wedding here is a lot of discussion, and I take that out. Don’t take what I can in the world, I can do it from my side! I know that I would have put Anna aside. It wouldn’t be anything big, but an exotic city where it would be just us and the witnesses, ks smvem

Son Richard junior with model Bro Hoda

In families, they are not the only members who have to leave for the wedding. Chladv’s son Richard junior dates the beautiful missionary Bro Hodaová in his fourth year. Both spend their vacation in Primoten so.

I’m just a father who never, ever asks his children how their relationships work or don’t work. I definitely couldn’t be a relationship coach. I don’t give it free rein, it’s up to them how they want it, explains the businessman.