Russian invaders are trying to take at least something from Ukraine

Sergei Grabovsky gave an interview to Oleg Panyuta

Sergei Grabovsky gave an interview to Oleg Panyuta

June 19 on YouTube channel Ukraine 24 in a programme Panyuta explains was a military expert Sergei Grabovsky. In particular, he spoke about the situation in Donbas and what the Russian occupiers are trying to achieve.

Hellish triangle in Donbass

– Violent confrontation in the triangle Rubizhne, Lisichansk, Severodonetsk. We call it the Hell Triangle. Tell me why there?

– This confrontation comes from the idea of ​​establishing control over the Luhansk and Donetsk regions within their administrative borders. Based on this, the Russian troops are trying to fulfill this task in any way, but it must be understood that despite the fact that the offensive was announced to begin on April 16-17, they did not achieve any result. The dates were gradually pushed back. It was already June 10, now June 22. By inertia, and no longer by military logic, but by the logic of political decisions or demands, they are trying to get at least some result in order to announce that the task has been completed, and at least the Luhansk region has come under the control of the Russian Federation.

The occupiers massively refuse to attack the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The SBU intercepted a telephone conversation of a Russian military man who said that many of his colleagues were killed, the rest refuse to fight.

“We have fucking dead people who refused. Thirty people from the entire battalion went into battle … Who was wounded, who was the 200th, who was the 300th, who refused … Only thirty people from the entire battalion. Thirty! Can you imagine? “, – said the occupant.

The SBU reminded Russians who want to save their lives in the war about the “hot” telephone line 2402. By calling it, you can surrender. Works around the clock for Ukrainian and Russian numbers.

Former site “Today” informedthat the invaders opened mortar fire on the Sumy region. Also we wrotehow the occupiers want to aggravate the situation with fuel.