milan piquethe eldest son of Shakira Y Gerard Piquéhas caused his family to have a strong confrontation, and the blame is placed on him.

The controversies evidenced over almost a year between the family are far from over, there are still moments that the couple will have to experience as a family and that will undoubtedly continue to create disputes.

A new member is added to the family’s media dispute over the separation and custody of the children, the model Clara Chiacurrent partner of the ex-player of Barcelona It has become a problem that sooner or later will have to be solved.

The new controversy is created because of the birthday of Milanthis Sunday January 22 the minor will comply 10 years of life, and although it seems an innocent moment, what her birthday entails turns into a storm for Shakira.

The minor will have to spend time with his mother and father separately because the relationship of the two celebrities is completely fractured, although the followers do not rule out that the celebration is family so that the minor can have his two parents reunited, and it is This is where the disgust begins.

The presence of Clara Chia could generate a negative obstacle in the celebration of the minor, whether they celebrate as a group or separately, what is certain is that Pique he could invite his new girlfriend to the celebration. If this clearly happens, a new controversial episode would be about to break out in the family.