Mikhail Malakhov: “We will lay a route to Mount Golovnin!”

From August 2 to 17, an expedition of the Ryazan regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society “Prisoner of the Sea. Peaks of Friendship. This is a hike in the footsteps of Vice-Admiral Vasily Golovnin and his assistant Peter Rikord from Ryazan. The expedition will be led by Hero of Russia, chairman of the Ryazan regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society Mikhail Malakhov.

On August 29, at a press conference at the Ryazan Museum of Travelers, Mikhail Malakhov spoke about the expedition. One of the main goals of the participants is to reach the peaks of the Golovnin and Peter Rikord mountains, as well as the Kohei rock. They are located in Kamchatka and are part of the Ivluk ridge. Since 2006, they have been called the “Peaks of Russian-Japanese Friendship”.

Peaks of Russian-Japanese friendship

It is known that in 1811, Vasily Golovnin, during a round-the-world scientific expedition to the Pacific Ocean on the sloop Diana, was taken prisoner by Japan. His assistant Peter Rikord only two years later managed to rescue the captain and crew members of the Diana. The distinguished Japanese businessman Takadai Kohei helped Rikord in this.

The Golovnin Incident proved that the peoples of any country can find a path to peace and mutual understanding.

“There are mountains and a rock, but the paths to their peaks have not yet been blazed,” said Mikhail Malakhov. – We will be the first to lay a route to Mount Golovnin, as well as to all the peaks of Russian-Japanese friendship! The expedition will leave special signs on them. It will be a tribute to the participants in the events of the distant XIX century. Their friendship and lofty thoughts in the name of the interests of the two countries.”

Mikhail Malakhov also said that the expedition would be the first in the framework of the Russian Geographical Society project in the Pacific Ocean.

Evgeniya Vlasova, deputy head of the administration of Ryazan, addressed the expedition participants at the press conference. She gave the travelers a welcome address and commemorative medals to present them to the sailors of the Ryazan submarine cruiser.