Carol G. She is one of the most internationally influential Colombian artists today. Her songs are listened to all over the world, and her numbers prove it, since she entered the 10 most listened to Latin artists on Spotify in 2022, where «Provence» is one of their biggest hits and as the year draws to a close, their latest single, «Cairo», It remains at the top of the YouTube playlists with 68 million views less than a month after its world premiere.

Some of the biggest international celebrities have let themselves be seen enjoying the new production of the Colombian, which takes a country woman to the depths of Egyptian culture and sings about a new love that breaks her heart.

Such was the case of the former adult content actress, Mia Khalifa, who caused a stir on social media with a video of her belting out a song by Carol G..

The Medellin-born composer was quick to post the celebrity’s reaction on her Instagram stories, where she received applause from some of her more than 58 million followers.

Did you like to see Mia Khalifa listening and dancing to urban music?