Successful and globally popular adult film actress Mia Khalifa, has declared his love to the oldest member of BTS Jin, also known as the “Worldwide Handsome”. The moment has been given through a video, which has quickly become viral in social networks.

Thanks to the premiere of his single ‘The Astronaut’, Jin has completely conquered the heart of Mía Khalifa, who has admitted that Jin is her universe

The Worldwide Handsome’s solo debut was followed by the well-known adult film star, who also asked the ARMY for support to make the release of his single a success in the charts.

“You are my universe, Jinnie”

That was how Mia Khalifa declared his love to Jin from BTS, the ARMY discovered his message in the official video of ‘The Astronaut’ in Youtube, Well, the actress used the account of her official channel to show her support for the singer.

Some ARMY They hardly noticed him, but they were surprised that he receives support from different personalities. Although they also believed that the actress could seek more than any support for her debut music single.