The popular and iconic adult film actress has confirmed her return to nudes through Playboy.

From the famous magazine and distributor of adult content Playboy, they called Mia Khalifa to be part “Playboy Centerfold”, a platform that plans to compete with the world-renowned platform Onlyfans.

“We are excited to announce that Mia Khalifa is joining ‘Playboy Centerfold.’ Subscribe now so you don’t miss out on any of Mia’s exclusive content,” reads the platform’s Instagram.

Like OnlyFans, “Playboy Centerfold” will be a content platform that allows creators to post and interact directly with subscribers.

This will be an opportunity that Mia Khalifa will not miss, despite the comments or criticism she may receive about it, especially in areas where she has previously demanded respect for her body and image.

The popular actress would be earning up to 200 thousand dollars a year just for her photos, without a doubt a great business.