The singer told how traffic police officers react to her and what happened when she said goodbye to the blue hair that made her famous.

Malvina from Tik-Tok, the blue-haired Mia Boyka, is known to any child, well, or at least once sang her “pika-pika-chu” or “running along the path.” Shortly before the festival “White Nights of St. Petersburg”, where we met with Mia, the singer radically changed her memorable image. Instead of a luxurious blue wig, which she skillfully passed off as her hair for many years, Mia Boyka appeared with a short crew cut and five-centimeter designer nails.

Mia Boyka

“I’ve had my hair cut five or seven times already, I liked it so much! Before that, I was cold in wigs. But no one fired me. And only when I first appeared with a short haircut in my Gagarin video, everyone was stunned – wow, bald Mia Boyka! At first, something was missing for me, it seemed that I was a boy. But on the contrary, they began to roll up to me more, they even stop me on the street, offer to get to know me. And when I was with blue hair, the men said: “You are so cool, Malvina!” – and that’s it, – admitted the “new” Mia.

By the way, Mia Boyka also enjoys increased attention from traffic police officers. As it turned out, the singer is very often slowed down on the road. But, as a rule, the singer does not give a reason for violations. And in response to the “check of documents”, he distributes autographs to the children of traffic cops.

“A pack of autographs travels with me, and they also sometimes video call their children, and I say hello to them. If we come across someone of principle, I immediately tell him – do you have children? They know me!” Mia told Russian TV Week.

More interesting things in our video interview!

Mia Boyka and Yulia Natyamba, Russian TV Week video