Methods of cryptocurrency fraud revealed to Russians

Russians have been exposed to several of the most popular methods of fraud associated with the use of cryptocurrencies. Writes about this “TVNZ”.

One of the methods of fraud is related to the Telegram channel, which is supposedly run by a successful trader. Talking about his successes, at one point he offers subscribers a supposedly profitable investment with high profits. “It could be 50 percent a day or 1000 percent a day. Since the investment amount is low, gullible people decide to take a risk,” explained the founder of the “Vklader” project. Oleg Anisimov. Then the scammer reports the winnings, but in order to receive it you need to pay one or another amount: a tax commission or something else. Moreover, they can extort money until the victim is left without funds at all or does not understand that she is being deceived, experts warn.

Another scheme is designed for more advanced people who generally understand how cryptocurrencies work. In this case, potential victims are offered to participate in the placement of a new cryptocurrency. “You can create your own cryptocurrency in half a minute,” Anisimov explained. Participants begin to actively invest, and when the time comes to withdraw money, it turns out that the clients’ investments are reset to zero, because a 100 percent commission on sale was built into the coin.

It is mainly poor people who buy at unreasonably high yields and often give their last money to scammers, noted the candidate of economic sciences Alexey Markov. “A few years ago, those who invested in cryptocurrency were able to make a ton of money. Perhaps this is the basis for the belief that in this market anyone can double and triple their capital. But those times are long gone,” he concluded.

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