This is banditry and robbery: IMKI and Azovstal called on the international community to report Russia’s attempts to sell stolen metal

In company "Metinvest" claimed they could trace every sheet of metal stolen by the Russian aggressor

Metinvest said they could trace every sheet of metal stolen by the Russian aggressor / Photo: Collage: Today

Metallurgical plants MMKI and Azovstal, located in Mariupol, temporarily occupied by Russian troops, appealed to international partners and seaport operators with an appeal not to buy metallurgical products stolen by the invaders. This is discussed in the letters that were at the disposal of the editors.

As stated in the letter, due to Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine, Metinvest is unable to export metallurgical products that were in the port of Mariupol to legal buyers from various countries, including Spain, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt.

“According to open sources, the Russian company Reka-More, in cooperation with Russian representatives, has begun loading the PM-3 vessel with our metallurgical products. We declare: this company, as well as any other companies that are currently dealing with our products in the Mariupol port, have never been authorized by our company in any way to carry out any actions related to our products. Thus, there is a high probability of theft and smuggling of our metallurgical products,” the letter emphasizes.

Illegal actions to seize and resume the work of the Mariupol port indicate that the stolen metallurgical products can be illegally exported and offered for sale to potential buyers, Metinvest reports.

“According to international and Ukrainian legislation, the above actions, including the armed seizure of merchant ships and our products, have all the signs of crimes – banditry and robbery. We will make every possible legal effort to bring to justice all criminals and their accomplices, and return the products rightful owners. Therefore, we ask you to do your part in protecting the rights of stolen products,” the company emphasizes.

The enterprises turned to all their partners with a request to carefully analyze each transaction for metallurgical products of dubious origin. Particular attention is requested to be paid to products that come from the temporarily occupied Ukrainian cities – Mariupol, Kherson and / or Sevastopol, or brought from the Russian cities of Taganrog, Tuapse, Rostov-on-Don, Novorossiysk, from where they have not been supplied before.

“We also ask you to carefully check the certificates of origin and shipping documents for metallurgical products that originate from the temporarily occupied Ukrainian cities of Mariupol, Kherson and / or Sevastopol. In case of suspicion, reject transactions and / or agreements with Russian companies or related to the supply of metallurgical products, and notify us of commercial offers,” the letter concludes.

As is known, earlier MMKI and Azovstal applied to the Office of the Prosecutor General with a request to initiate criminal proceedings on the fact of the theft of metal products from the port of Mariupol.

Recall: Russian troops are taking out grain and metal products stolen from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. They show the facts of the robbery in federal news: for example, recently in a plot on Russian TV they showed how the stolen metal was loaded onto the ship RM-3, which subsequently departed for Rostov.

In turn, Akhmetov’s Metinvest company said that they could trace every sheet of metal stolen by the Russian aggressor, and an international tribunal awaits all those involved in the robbery.