Men and women shared unusual sex life hacks

Men and women on the Reddit forum discussed sex life hacks that they use in bed. Common and unusual ways to make your sex life better are: shared in the AskReddit section.

Many users pointed out obvious tricks, such as not changing the speed or method of clitoral stimulation when a woman says she is ready to cum. But there are also more unobvious clues – in particular, about personal hygiene.

If you have nightstands on either side of your bed, store towels on at least one of the shelves


Reddit user

Another user advised to train a conscious attitude towards intimate processes.

When you kiss her, kiss her, don’t think about the mortgage, golf, or whether she might want to try anal. Be in the moment, immerse yourself in the smells, sounds, sensuality of your partner. It will take practice, because random thoughts can easily get stuck in your head, especially if you are in a long-term relationship and the crazy passion has passed. But believe me, it’s worth it


Reddit user

Another man gave practical advice on handling the penis during sex.

When you are inside your partner, tense your penis as if you wanted to squeeze the anus. Then the tip will rest against the most necessary points inside the partner, and the orgasm will be powerful


Reddit user

Previously women told on a Reddit forum about the sexual fantasies they prefer to keep secret from their husbands. One of them admitted that she wanted to watch her husband masturbate.

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