Men and women listed the main mistakes during sex

Women and men spoke on the Reddit forum about the main mistakes they made during sex. They are funny things in bed listed in the AskReddit section.

One of the most popular comments was the confession of a man who accidentally hurt himself during sex, although he did not mean to do it.

I wanted to spank her hard when she was on top in cowgirl position, but I did it when she stood up and spanked her scrotum


Reddit user

Some users admitted that they sometimes laugh when their partner begins to use unusual names for them in bed. At the same time, they noted that their reaction upsets their partner.

The guy suddenly said: “How are you feeling with daddy?” And I burst out laughing


Reddit user

Some spoke of the disappointment that befell them when the romantic picture collided with reality.

I told my friend that I dreamed of sex on the beach. She wanted to make my dream come true, and we went to a hotel with a beach, got up early, and found a secluded place. They did everything and… we were bitten from head to toe by fleas


Reddit user

Previously women told on a Reddit forum about the sexual fantasies they prefer to keep secret from their husbands. One of the women admitted that she wanted to watch her husband masturbate.

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