the sister of Prince Albert II from Monaco, Caroline of Monaco, will not attend the expected coronation ceremony of the King Charles III as the great monarch of the United Kingdom. Although Caroline could be the designated representative of the royal family of Monaco at the event, it is believed that the future queen Camila Parkerhe would not be happy to receive one of the women that King Carlos III was about to marry in his youth.

Marriage in royalty is more than pleasure, it is an obligation. Therefore, when the royal crowns of Monaco and the United Kingdom sought to marry their youngest members, they identified Charles III and Caroline of Monaco as the perfect candidates for the marriage that both monarchies needed.

However, months after all the arrangements were made, Carolina decided to marry a young commoner she met in college, Philippe junotleaving the king charles II, then a prince, in an awkward situation. This gesture caused a terrible slight to Buckingham at the time and has caused tensions between the two families to this day.

For this reason, it is likely that Caroline of Monaco’s name will not appear on the guest list for the coronation ceremony of the King Charles III and Camila Parkerwhich is expected to take place in the first days of May in one of the family’s castles in London.