Recently, it has been reported that one of the members of the KPop group, NewJeanswas chosen to be part of the cast for the Korean dubbing of the movie “The Little Mermaid”.

The fact has made a lot of impression on fans and netizens who follow the group, after a poster had been revealed with the actors who will do the Korean dubbing, of the movie that has had the biggest trend in recent times “The little Mermaid«.

With a silhouette on the poster of the photograph of what would be the main voice of Ariel in the dubbed film it is sought to define who he is, and although his identity has not really been revealed, netizens quickly grasped that it would be Danielle from NewJeans, due to the impressive resemblance of the silhouette photo, with a photo of the singer.

The choice of the singer’s voice 18 years It has been received with great enthusiasm, since millions of fans pointed out that particularly her voice sounded very identical to how the voices of the famous princesses of Disney.

And although some were concerned about the artist’s inexperience in dubbing, they have already sent her the best energy so that she can carry out the work successfully.

On the other hand, followers have expressed their opinions on social networks highlighting the triumph of the artist: “When I saw the NewJeans videos, I felt that Danielle sounds a lot like a Disney princess.«, «You can see why they chose her if you watch her other videos«, «She has a Disney princess vibe when she talks“, between many more.