Most of the evening, the Anděl Awards presented the singer Meky Žbirka, who died six months ago. That is why his son David (27) from London also came to honor his father’s memory. Although he misses him immensely, he tries to be strong mainly because of his mother Kateřina and wants to carry his legacy as best he can. Why did Dad discourage him from making music?

Son Mekyho Žbirky David only arrived on a turn from England, where he lives, to support his mother Kateřina when she remembers the phenomenal singer. He held her hand, and neither of them held on to the tear. But despite the pain in his heart, David tries to be brave and work on his father’s legacy. Although Meky himself allegedly warned him about the music.

“He did not deter me from the music, but he warned me against it. But he always supported me in what I wanted to do. “ the son of the famous dad spoke for Express.

Did he ever feel on his own skin and the averted face of show business that he was born to a famous singer?

“For a long time I didn’t realize what that meant, I took it for granted. It’s just that Dad sings and plays, people go to him. It didn’t occur to me until I was older. I just took it for granted, which is a little weird, “ laughed young, promising musician who will perform at the Metronome Prague festival this year.

He doesn’t even think that Dad’s name has trodden the way, even though, of course, someone has already thrown it in his face.

David Žbirka is finishing a joint record with his father.

“He has a note about me from time to time, but I don’t think it happens often and it certainly hasn’t happened in some bigger form,” concluded the sympathetic David Žbirka, who does not rule out that he would return to his native Czech in time.

Does he have a funny story with his dad? What will the joint record look like after Dad’s death?