The royal family faces a new problem, as Meghan Markle could find himself in a complicated legal situation with his sister, Samantha Markle, for the publication of his recent biography. The Duchess of Sussex is facing a libel suit brought on behalf of her paternal sister and according to the British media, this could lead to major chaos at Buckingham Palace,”eclipsing” completely the coronation of the King Charles III.

The ceremony, which is scheduled for May 6 at Westminster Abbey, is a very important event for the British monarchy, as it marks the coronation of the firstborn of the Queen isabel II. However, the dispute between Meghan and Samantha is a “minefield that has a high probability of diverting public attention from the event, ruining the reputation of the monarchy”, so he says. dickie arbiter.

The former press secretary of the deceased Queen Elizabeth II, Dickie Arbiter, has declared that this dispute is a potential disaster and could do great damage to the image of the monarchy. Furthermore, the Royal Palace has yet to reveal the list of honored guests for the event, which has sparked speculation as to whether Harry and Meghan Markle they will be among them.

Although it is unknown if the couple will attend the event, some are speculating on a possible scenario in which Harry would travel to London alone, while Meghan would stay at home, looking after their children and facing trial.

Without a doubt, this situation is complicated for the royal family, since this dispute could affect their public image and generate a stir in the British press a few weeks after the Coronation of the new King.