Meghan Markle could overshadow the Coronation of the King Charles III due to the legal issue he has with his half-sister, Samantha Markle. British media have reported that Meghan is facing a libel suit brought by her sister, who accuses her of lying to cover up her own story of “false rags to riches”.

This case has generated great expectation in the media and it has been speculated that it could take all the public attention during the Coronation of Carlos III, which will be on May 6.

dickie arbiterwho was press secretary of the deceased Queen isabel II and of the King Charles IIIhas mentioned that this scare is a “minefield” between Meghan Markle, Samantha and the Coronation.

Arbiter has also mentioned that the legal dispute between the sisters has the potential to completely divert media attention from the Coronation of Carlos III.

It’s a bit like walking through a minefield that has only been half cleared and we really have to wait and see what the judge sums up.

Although it is still unknown if Meghan Markle and the prince harry will be invited to the ceremony, it has been speculated that the Duke of Sussex would travel to London alone, while Meghan would stay home to care for her children and prepare for her trial.

The possibility that this legal case could overshadow one of the most important events, such as the coronation of Carlos III, has generated great interest in the United Kingdom and around the world.