The wedding of Meghan Markle and the prince harry it was like a true fairy tale dream come true, however, the “happy foreversoon began to crumble for the young Duchess of Sussex, who unfortunately started having problems with the British media.

The mother of Meghan Markle, Dorie Ragland, tearfully recounts what happened to her daughter in the Netflix documentary “Harry Y meghan.”

According to the documentary series, the popularity of the couple began to increase, putting the royal hierarchy at risk, since Harry Y Meghan Markle grabbed the headlines, more than the prince william Y kate middleton and even more than Queen isabel II.

Things got a little more complicated for Meghan Markle when she got pregnant just as she was about to start her tour with Harry, however, the royal couple was able to complete their journey and achieved success everywhere they performed, thanks to which their popularity was even higher, especially after his visit to Australia.

According to Harry, the situation seems to have caused alarm in the press office of the Prince William, same as the duke of sussex it does guilty of what was the beginning of a dirty campaign to discredit Meghan Markle and thus making the public forget about this moment, everything took an unexpected turn in the attitude of the media towards the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and suddenly they began to attack meghan.

The mother of Meghan said her daughter was very excited about her role as a member of the royal family, Doria spoke about the work of the new duchess of Sussex with a group of women who helped by cooking for the victims of the fire at the grenfell tower in 2017.

Subsequently, Meghan Markle and the group of women presented the recipes they had prepared for the victims of the tragedy and included their mother, Meghan he came up with the idea of ​​a book to raise money for the victims, in the documentary Doria was accompanying the Duchess of Sussex during the event.

In another part of the documentary, Doria holding her newborn grandson, the Duchess explained that her mother was there for an entire month after the birth of Archie, However, neither his mother nor Harry could protect Meghan from ferocious attacks by the media.

Doria Ragland recalled that these continuous attacks on Meghan have taken their toll on her daughter’s mental health, the woman recounted that Meghan confessed to her that she had considered taking her own life.

She confessed that Meghan said:

I thought if I wasn’t there, they were going to stop.

Doria She said that this confession had broken her heart, since she knew how serious all the attacks she was receiving were for her daughter.

Through tears, the Duchess of Sussex’s mother said:

It’s not easy for a mother to hear something like that, I couldn’t protect her and neither could Harry.

According to what was reported in the series, these events were one of the reasons why the prince harry Y Meghan Markle they decided Leave their duties as members of the British Royal Family.