The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Marklehe would be considering never meeting his family again, despite his father’s pleas to reunite the whole family again.

the wife of prince harry Meghan Markle continues to be in the eye of the hurricane, due to the decision she made not to attend her father-in-law’s coronation on King Charles III, to avoid association with the royal family who allegedly once treated the duchess very badly. Currently, the Duchess of Sussex He is going through a problem in the family environment that has been going on for some time, since his father would be begging Meghan to be able to meet again.

According to the website EXPRESS UKthe expert Mario Almonte commented that the best thing Meghan Markle could do would be not meeting with your family, as it could be counterproductive to your life and his family along with Prince Harry, it seems that his father Thomas Marklewas begging him to be a united family again so he could meet his grandchildren on prince archie and the princess lilibetAlso his half-siblings samantha and thomas jrThey have asked that he put an end to the dispute with his father and that he forget the criticism that they have had towards the duchess for many years.

The public relations expert To the mountainalso expressed that Meghan Markle’s family would not be willing to end the dispute with her and that if the duchess has any approach with her father and half-siblings, they will take this opportunity to continue presenting themselves as the victims and comment to the media as much as possible. spoken in their secret conversation, an aspect that would not suit Meghan right now.

Meghan Markle has been separated from her family since her wedding day, due to several somewhat controversial behaviors from her father, which is why Meghan has in mind to keep her life calm and she herself acknowledges that the best thing she can do is continue to ignore them like I’ve been doing for a long time.