american actress Meghan Markle, is preparing a forceful attack on the British royal family with his next book, where they assure that he will expose the most relevant and discriminatory details of royalty towards his family.

The Duchess of Sussex will follow in her husband’s footsteps prince harry, and the moment is approaching where she is the one who publishes her memoirs, apparently it will be the most forceful attack of the moment.

Almost nothing from the launch of the book written by duke of sussex called «Spare«, Meghan he has been revealing details of his next publication, and apparently in addition to this book, he would publish another one with a different theme.

The Dukes of Sussex plan a forceful retaliation for the offenses they have been receiving from the british crown, since they announced their retirement from royalty.

Sources close to the actress Meghan Markle, They assure that he will be transparent with his story: «Meghan wants to be completely honest with her revelations, but this does not mean that she does not make all the accusations that she should make«.

With the publication of her book, the actress would boost herself a little in the politics that she has been exercising in USAin its constant fight against the defense of women, children and other just causes.

«If she harbors political ambitions, it would make even more sense.“added the source, who assured that in addition to this book, the duchess would publish another with welfare issues.