Through the social media, A video has emerged that would verify that Meghan Markle she was never pregnant with her last baby with him Prince Harry. For her part, she would have used a surrogate and lied to all of us for a long time.

In the midst of all the controversy that has been generated around the conflicts that are being experienced in the British royal family, A video has circulated on the platform tiktok, with the theory that the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle would have lied to all of us about her second pregnancy, where she had her daughter Lilibeth.

But now, based on various tests, it is said that Meghan and Harry would have actually rented a womb to have this girl. This revelation is certainly controversial, but the evidence shown in the video is truly disturbing.

The reasons for this possible deception of the Dukes of Sussex to the British crown, would be linked to all the other problems that have been experienced within it. Of course, there is no way to confirm the false pregnancy, but some behaviors that the former American actress had while she was expecting her second child have left the conversation open about what she would really have done.

Some people don’t trust Meghan Markle, They assure that she only wants to attract attention and sink the monarchy, but there is also a sector of the public that supports her, especially some linked to the already deceased Diana Princess of Wales.