The controversial actress Meghan Markle has shown once again that her marriage to the prince harryson of the remembered princess Diana, apparently would be going through strong problems in their relationship.

The married couple, who for a long time have been criticized for their revelations against their own royal family, have been experiencing serious problems lately, after confirming that Prince Harry will be invited to the coronation but she will not.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry recently attended The Angels to a basketball game between LA Lakers and Memphis GrizzliesAmong the attendees were celebrities such as kim kardashian and Adam Sandler among others; However, in the middle of the show, a strong moment was captured by thousands of cameras and the attendees of the place.

The spouses appeared in the middle of the site’s screen, and there was an awkward moment when the prince tried to kiss her, but she prevented him. The Body Language Expert Adrianne Carter He said that Meghan treated her husband as if he were Prince Archie or Princess Lilibet, that is, her two children.

The expert addedMeghan realizes that they are on the screen before Harry does. We see her greet with an almost shy gesture«, «Harry leans in to kiss her, but she blocks it by taking his arm like you would a child to prevent him from doing something you don’t want him to do.«.

Although she has told you that Prince Harry would have no problem kissing her in the middle of the cameras, it is notorious that the Duchess is determined not to give much information to the cameras, so opinions were divided between those who claimed that she could be going through a love break, but does not show it in front of the cameras, while others affirm that she is simply shy and will not fall for this game.