The former actress Meghan Markleknown as the Duchess of Sussexhas decided to venture into the digital world and launch a blog with the intention of moving away from the image that people have of her as the couple of the The prince Harry.

This is not the first time that Meghan Markle has worked with his own digital media, since in the past he had a blog called “The Tig”but was forced to close it after going public with her relationship with the prince.

the blog of Meghan Markle she will have a focus on showing her identity through different types of content, and her intention is to transform into a mom blogger with an audience of women. In addition, her animated series, which was recently canceled by Netflix, has led her to seek new opportunities in the digital world.

The blog will have short digital videos and, if successful, Meghan Markle could look to expand into different streaming platforms to reach an even wider audience. In addition, her experience as a mother and her children, Archie and Lilibetwill play an important role in these contents, showing how he manages his time, his routines and how he lives his day to day.

The launch of the blog is scheduled for February 14 and, without a doubt, it will be an opportunity for Meghan show your true identity and build a brand for mothers, thus leaving the shadow in which the prince harry after the release of his autobiography Spare.