Meghan Markle is seeking to rescue the dignity that remains, after the prince harry with the statements in his book, and the controversies will negatively stain his reputation.

The actress of American nationality had to put aside her career and aspirations after becoming the wife of Prince Harry, who is currently not a member of royalty. The couple decided to put their family health first, rather than comply with the whims of the British monarchy.

But after his departure, the duke of sussex he began his revenge for the ill-treatment and trials he received after making his resignation effective. Reason why he launched a series in Netflix where he revealed his family’s darkest secrets.

Likewise, in the same period of time, his memoirs were published on the day January 10, the date on which the most relevant controversies of the entire monarchy began. The prince referred to the harassment he suffered from his brother, the prince william and his sister-in-law, in the same way he referred to his father and Camila Parker.

Although the Duchess was not part of this writing, she was immersed in all the controversies, as she allowed her husband to make very damaging statements.

In this way the dignity of the actress was marked negatively before the British people, but apparently she already found a plan to rebuild her life. Meghan’s 41 yearsis running the second launch of his blog «The Tig«. Her main intention is to change her role in the world from “Prince Harry’s wife”, and become “the blogger mom, Meghan” again.

This would also be one of the projects for which Meghan Markle she would be estranged from her husband, she clearly wants to rescue her own identity.