Former American actress Meghan Markle, who is the wife of prince harry of the United Kingdom, has had a great series of problems with the british royalty. One of them were the questions about the skin color that his son Archie could have, and which has been classified as “racist”. After two years of these accusations, it has finally been possible to reveal which was the member of the Royal family who made the comment.

The internal conflict that the British monarchy has had with the Dukes of Sussex, It is considered one of the most controversial events in the entire history of royalty. The hard ones accusations that have been done, have led to a great scandal that the public eye has managed to perceive directly.

In the year 2021, and through the interview that Harry and Meghan did with Oprah Winfrey, It was revealed that a member of the royal family was questioning the possible skin color of Archie, the eldest son of the Dukes of Sussex, at birth.

How can we know, Markle’s family is african american, and for this reason, it was believed that the baby could have brown features and not completely white.

Two years after that controversial accusation, what would have been the author of that questioning, and it is about nothing more and nothing less than the King Carlos III. A source confirmed to the Page Six newspaper the following:

“Yes, there was correspondence, there was an exchange of letters between the Duchess of Sussex and the King.”

These letters talk about the situation that was experienced, and in which, according to the words of Charles III, they did not intend to portray themselves as “racist.” The book of Christopher Andersen, “Brothers And Wives: Inside The Private Lives of William, Kate, Harry and Meghan,” effectively named Carlos as the one who questioned the skin tone of Archie.

For its part, the English daily The Telegraph, spoke about what the royal family british feel about what the Duke and Duchess of Sussex think about the event:

“He Palace is also aware of the Sussexes’ frustration that the initial email correspondence about the Coronation did not make any reference to their children and their possible involvement. The omission only fueled her feeling that her family plays second fiddle to the others. wales«.

This way, Meghan Markle gave the details to be able to confirm that it was the King Charles III the one who questioned the skin tone that he could have now Prince Archie.