The well-known American actress, Meghan Markle, has received criticism from the royals again, but this time for some surprising reasons. The Duchess has generated negative judgments against her by showing herself as a woman who is extremely obsessed with money.

The actress shortly before getting engaged to the royal, the prince harry He led a normal life, clearly full of luxuries and travel due to his busy lifestyle, where he played various characters on television.

Even so, love broke any barrier and in 2020 they decided to separate from their obligation as members of the british crownto lead an independent life economically and without any type of obligation.

However, recently an author shared his knowledge about the thoughts of the Duchess of Sussexand how she has been sharing financially with her husband, and her reality is not at all in accordance with what she imagined.

Tom Bower He claimed that the Duchess is “obsessed with money and longs for a lavish lifestyle that includes expensive cars and private jetsConcluding her statement, she mentioned that the reason for marrying Prince Harry was to have that lifestyle.

But her big surprise is that her partner does not have as much money as she imagined,”She had imagined that he would be worth hundreds of millions, if not billions, and now she has to make it up to him.«.

Obviously, the actress is disappointed in the situation, but for the love of her two children she will need to find a quick solution.