the american Meghan Markle is ready to support kate middleton in case the high-profile divorce between her and Prince William occurs.

The reputation of the british crowna has been stained in recent days, after some photographs of the oldest eldest son of King Carlos III came to light, where he would be unfaithful to Kate with one of her friends from the past, an act that has generated millions of criticisms .

However, and although the relationship between the two duchesses has not been the most admirable, Meghan would be willing to help her brother-in-law’s wife in their separation, and of course also their three children.

The Duchess of Sussex it would certainly help Kate in case she decided to move to USAin order for her to continue carrying out the social works to which she is accustomed, while her divorce becomes effective.

In addition to providing a company so that they can remain very close to each other, thus allowing the three minors of the Welsh couple to share with Archie and Lilibet Diana.

Although neither of them, nor the prince william nor Kate Middleton have confirmed their separation, fans of the couple and the British people would not be surprised if they announced it soon.