Meghan Markle was recently honored for her work at the Ms Foundation Women of Vision Awards, which was held in New Yorkthere he attended with his mother and her husband, Prince Harry, and it was the place where it is stated that he had paid tribute to his mother and also to the deceased Princess Diana.

The Duchess of Sussex was awarded the “Woman of Vision” award for the work she has done globally to empower women of all ages to better themselves and accept themselves.

The award was made on May 16days after the celebration of mother’s day, the past may 14so it is believed that it was the right moment for Meghan to show the affection she has for her mother and her mother-in-law, who no longer belongs to the physical plane.

To honor her mother, Meghan Markle expressed some emotional words about what she experienced in her childhood and like his mother with some magazines on gender violence and other related topics, he transmitted teachings that have served him today as a base to try to improve the world, and although she was applauded for exalting her mother, other attendees also noticed that Meghan was carrying an object with which she implied that she also remembered Princess Diana.

The duchess wore an elegant gold dress, complemented by hoop earrings, and a bracelet that has been inherited from the «princess of the people“, in this way he made sure of convey to the public that his mother-in-law was also present somehow.

It should be noted that it is not the first time that the duchess honors her mother-in-law, since on previous occasions such as her marriage, she also noticed paying tributes and feeling the presence, in some way, of the mother of the prince harry.