Meghan Markle and the prince harry They are facing several legal challenges, one of these challenges, which was considered the least likely to go to trial, it seems that it will be the one that will lead them to testify in trial.

Meghan had previously managed to avoid a similar situation in England in her disagreement with Associated Newspapersbut it seems that this time it will not be possible in the United States.

Meghan’s half sister samantha Markle, has filed a defamation complaint against her, but what was surprising was that the judge in charge of the case decided to deny Meghan’s request to avoid being called to testify. However, the judge clarified that it is still unknown if the case will reach that point or be dismissed sooner.

Meghan Markle’s lawyers have refused to answer the 38 questions submitted by Samantha’s legal representatives and have asked to stop the investigation of the case, but both requests have been denied.

Samantha is seeking compensation of $75,000 for defamation in the interview that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did with Oprah and in the publication of the biography Finding Freedom, released in 2020.

Since Meghan Markle and the The prince Harry decided to go public with their relationship, Meghan’s half-siblings have been in the midst of controversy, with Samantha being especially critical of Meghan.

In addition to publishing a book, Meghan Markle She has given a large number of interviews, including a recent one in which she denies paying for her studies, as Meghan assures that everything was covered by the scholarships and her great academic effort, but Samantha has assured that it was her father who covered all her expenses. bills.

In the interview with Oprah, Meghan stated that she does not know her half-siblings and has had very little contact with them, but in her recent documentary series on Netlix, Meghan assured that she has a very good relationship with Samantha’s daughter.