Meghan Marklethe American actress and Duchess of Sussex, is facing a lawsuit for alleged defamation made on the TV show Oprah Winfrey. The lawsuit comes from her half-sister, Samantha Marklewho claims to have suffered “humiliation and embarrassment due to Meghan’s comments”.

During the TV show, Meghan Markle She confessed to being an only child and having grown up without much support from her parents in her dream of becoming an actress. These comments did not sit well with Samantha and for this reason she decided to take legal action against her half-sister.

Initially, the royal couple refused to comment to the courts, leading to speculation that the case would be thrown out. However, recently new evidence written by Meghan Markle has emerged in a blog in which she talks about her life, her childhood and the relationship she had with her parents.

In this blog, Meghan Markle wrote about how her father had put gasoline in the actress’s car when she was leaving a casting, and I assure you that this act meant a lot to her, but this post would be proof that Meghan would have lied in the interview with Oprah and her half-sister will use this evidence in the case.

With this new evidence, Samantha is said to be close to winning the lawsuit that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry filed for $75,000. The family feud has caused a stir in the media and has exposed tensions within the British royal family.